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Adineh Tour GbR is a travel agency with headquarters in Berlin . We are one of 4 subsidiaries ( Germany , France, Italy and Iran ) of travel agencies and organizers from the PERSIA SAFAR for more than 19 years experience in the tourism sector has to Headquartered in Tehran . Here you will find everything about round trips to Iran . We are a team, which has set itself the goal of guests on vacation with perfect service and intensive Make counseling in a pleasant atmosphere as pleasant as possible . we offer also other services such as hotel reservation in Germany and Iran , consular Services and city tour of Berlin and Iranian attractions with a minimum number of 2 or more persons .



Classic Persia
Duration of Trip: 8 Days

With our program " Classic Persia " You get to know today's modern Iran in an innovative way . It offers breathtaking views of elegant mosques , citadels and tombs and feel the impressive majestic beauty of the ancient Persian Empire , which will seduce your senses. Breathe in the fresh of the Persian gardens , which invite you to linger . Marvel at the Golestan Palace , which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and , together with the masterpieces Niavaran and Saadabad palace represents the dignity and glory of Iran's modern capital Tehran in an impressive way .


The ancient and Islamic Iran
Duration of Trip: 12 Days

Our cultural trip " The ancient and Islamic Iran " includes many acclaimed attractions of central Iran . From the ancient ruins at Persepolis , the ceremonial and spiritual capital of the enormous Persian Empire , to the famous ruins of the Shiraz of 18th and 19th century , with its renowned gardens to moving tombs of the highest figures of classical Persian literature from which the 6th century UNESCO World heritage site of the ancient capital of Pasargadae of Cyrus the Great to the historic city of Yazd with its impressive dating back to the 14th century mosque , its amazing desert architecture with cleverly constructed wind towers and the Impressionists structures and Zaratustrischen towers of silence


The Great Historic
Duration of Trip: 15 Days

"The Great Historic" includes many of the greatest historical sites of Ancient Persia and Islamic Iran including the impressive and imposing archaeological ruins of Persepolis and Pasargadae , as the masterpieces of Persian architecture , for example, the glorious and splendid Jami ' Mosque of Yazd, majestic landscapes along the old routes and a visit to the masterpieces of Islamic art and architecture of Isfahan . This experience ends with a visit to Tabriz , with its grand and imposing Bazaar ( World Heritage Site ) and its incomparable museums and mosques .




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